Do You Have Real Estate Vision?

Do You Have Real Estate Vision?

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is visualizing how a building can work for their needs and what changes could be don't to a building to "repurpose" the property.  It also becomes increasingly difficult when you have a building that was built for a "Special Purpose".  Before you say no to that well located property make sure you take pause, and attempt to visualize what could be done to change it for your use.  If you have no vision, make sure you find someone to help you, like an architect, real estate agent, interior designer or even a friend.  Consider the following:

  1. Look at an aerial of the property.  Where and how could you expand the building?
  2. Look at a floor plan.  Most walls are not supporting structural walls, so most spaces can be adjusted to fit your need.
  3. Use technology to help you visualize.  There are all kinds of software available to help you picture adjustments.

Finally, once you understand if it can be adjusted, obtain estimates on the cost and then figure that into your offer price.  This will prevent you from over paying for the property.  We have great agents with great vision and have helped thousand of clients get through this difficult process.  Call one of us today.

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