Keith Keltner

Nov 16
When evaluating an investment property a quick helpful tool that can be used to assess how well a tenant’s business is performing, is the health ratio.  A health ratio shows the percent of rent that is being paid to the owner verses the tenant’s gross sales.  Simply take the annual rent paid and divide it by the annual gross sales. FKeith or example, if a tenant is paying $100,000 a year in rent and the tenant’s store sales are $1,000,000, the health ratio would be... + read more

Real Estate Agent & Consultant

Keith Keltner grew up in Milwaukee, WI and now resides in Wadsworth, OH with his wife. He graduated from Lancaster Bible College, where he played NCAA D3 basketball and soccer. He began his career as the college pastor for Grace Church Bath Campus for 7 years. In 2019, Keith met Troy Gerspacher who helped him develop and cultivate a knowledge and passion for commercial real estate.  He changed careers in 2020 and obtained his real estate license thru Hondros College and joined Gerspacher Real Estate.  Keith is passionate about helping business owners/investors find clarity in making a big decision.  Joining the Gerspacher Team was an easy decision for Keith especially with their mission statement. The part that stood out to Keith is “We grind, we strive to out-work our competition with urgency, follow up, connections and research for our clients.”


  • B.B.A Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster PA
  • M.A in Organizational Leadership, Capital Graduate School, Lancaster PA
  • Ohio Real Estate and Licensure, Hondros Akron OH
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