Nov 16
When evaluating an investment property a quick helpful tool that can be used to assess how well a tenant’s business is performing, is the health ratio.  A health ratio shows the percent of rent that is being paid to the owner verses the tenant’s gross sales.  Simply take the annual rent paid and divide it by the annual gross sales. FKeith or example, if a tenant is paying $100,000 a year in rent and the tenant’s store sales are $1,000,000, the health ratio would be... + read more
Jun 26
“Under all is the land”.   Not sure who coined that phrase, but there is no more fundamental right than land ownership.  Then why is it such a challenge to own and an even more challenging investment?  Well let’s exam that.  They ain’t making any more of it, except for the Chinese who are busy making islands off the their coast, it is still limited.  But assuming you are only going for the old fashion existing sod, it is still a highly diverse... + read more
May 13
As we all work through these difficult times it has caused many clients, customers, and other business owners to get creative on how to create cash flow.   There are many business owners that are not familiar with the leased real estate investment market.  You may be surprised that there is an entire global market that chooses to diversify their money by putting money into real estate that is leased.   The returns on those investments are paid by the tenants/businesses... + read more


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