Jan 23
If you own land as an investment and you have not put it on the market yet, you should think about making 2020 your year to sell. The inventory of office, retail and industrial buildings in the market are at an all-time low which will continue to drive new construction and strengthen the demand for land. In addition, low interest rates still make building and paying for new construction affordable. If you are a buyer, there are a significant governmental, banking and contractor hurdles to go... + read more
Nov 12
What is Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)? When it comes to investment real estate cap rate is sometimes misunderstood. Cap rate is a percentage of return for a projected 1-year window of an investor’s return on its upfront cash investment after expenses. To calculate Cap Rate, it is simply net operating income (NOI) divided by purchase price. How are Cap Rates determined? Cap rates are influenced by the following factors. Location of the property. Can the... + read more
Apr 15
If you are a land holder/speculator or simply a property owner that somehow ended up with some extra land, then consider selling it at the top of the market.   As vacancy with existing buildings continues to decrease, demand for well located land continues to heat up. The demand to buy land to build a building can be very random.   The project may not always fit the land site, so be careful about what you turn down, if you are given an offer. You may end up holding the... + read more


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