“Under all is the Land”

“Under all is the land”.   Not sure who coined that phrase, but there is no more fundamental right than land ownership.  Then why is it such a challenge to own and an even more challenging investment?  Well let’s exam that.  They ain’t making any more of it, except for the Chinese who are busy making islands off the their coast, it is still limited.  But assuming you are only going for the old fashion existing sod, it is still a highly diverse element.  Not only is location still key, but also size, elevation, soil type, zoning and environmental concerns.  And like gold, it does not earn interest, has limited finance-ability, so holding time is also a factor.  You can only be rewarded if the asset appreciates or produces a needed product like gas, minerals, rents or crops.   Appreciation typically occurs when it is located in the path of progress, while production generally reduces its value in the long term.  Think strip mining.  As an investment it is high risk and potentially high reward.  

So how good is your prognostication or what is your evidence of productivity?  This is not a task to be taken on without the guidance of experts.  And even we experts can only improve the odds of success, no guarantees.  Let us help you improve your odds of finding the right parcel of land and potential pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Call Gerspacher Real Estate Group to start your quest.


Jim Gerspacher, JD, CCIM, Real Estate Agent

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