The Rise & Fall of Office Space

In the last several years we have watched the market for office space rise and fall. As we’ve discussed before, office needs have changed significantly with open spaces, remote employees, the introduction of coworking, and the changing of technology. At Gerspacher, we work with many property owners in the representation of their office space, new businesses seeking office space, and relocations of offices. There are common questions that always come up in the search and negotiation process, which can slow down a deal. These questions include:


-               Is this the right location?

-               Will my office help in the recruitment and retention of employees and/or clients?

-               Am I paying too much in rent?

-               What are fair expenses for the tenant or landlord to take on?


If these are questions you are asking, give us a call. We can help work through the many questions with you, better identify your needs, and negotiate a fair deal to set your business up for future success.