Mar 28
Just as in residential real estate, curb appeal is critical to Industrial properties as well! The last of the snow is finally melting, so make sure your spring landscaping plans are in place! Things like “spring clean-up” to pick up all the winter’s debris, mulching, trimming of shrubs and trees, and of course the early spring lawn treatment all help to beautify and promote your property. In addition to these items, it may be time to have your roof inspected, and a spring tune... + read more
Mar 21
When it comes to a great opportunity on a special purpose property, this 9,200 square foot party center is an incredible price for only $495,000($53/SF).  It would cost 3 times this price to replicate the same property.   It includes a huge concrete parking lot, fully equipped commercial kitchen and a ballroom with a capacity of 300+.   The commercial zoning allows for many other uses to easily convert the building to retail or offices.  If this isn’t what you are... + read more
Mar 07
If your plan is to sell your leased investment property in the next three years than make sure you position your property to sell for the highest price.   Most owners become the most motivated when there is higher vacancy and or leases are coming to an end.  They are usually tired of handling the grind of responsibilities that come with owning either apartments or commercial buildings with tenants.  If you work towards the following goals below, you will realize the highest... + read more


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