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Mar 04
The commercial real estate market continues to have pockets of strong demand in many areas we serve and I anticipate another strong year overall.  We estimate 10%-15% of businesses are devastated, 20%-25% are on fire with growth and the balance of businesses are sustaining or holding steady compared to Pre-COVID times.  I continue to see more industrial buildings coming on the market for sale and lease,  office vacancy increasing because of COVID stay-at-home orders,  and... + read more
Dec 19
What are buyers looking for when it comes to CRE Investment?When it comes to investing in commercial real estate, buyers look at several factors.  Below is a short list of items investors are going to look at...Length of lease - If all goes as planned, how long should I expect cash flow?Quality of the tenant - What is the chance of default?Rent Escalations - Escalations in rent = increase in returnsLocation of the building - What happens if/when the current tenant leaves?These factors all... + read more
Aug 02
Is it time to evaluate your current industrial space/office position?  We have options for you... 2017, so far so great for industrial property sector growth, from manufacturing to warehousing and distribution.  Northeastern Ohio is starting to feel the pinch with respect to industrial space absorption.  According to the latest (Q2 '17) Xcelligent Research report for Northeastern, OH we now have approximately a 4% +/- industrial vacancy.  New industrial construction... + read more
Jun 21
Located just 2.3 miles from I-76 and the SR-57 interchange, Wadsworth Corporate Park is situated in the City of Wadsworth and the Southeastern part of Medina County. The parkway is comprised of seven parcels of developed lots, which can be divided between 1.1 contiguous acres up to 20.62 acres. The land is also zoned I-1 Industrial, which allows for uses such as, but not limited to; distribution centers, light manufacturing, mixed use buildings, self-storage facilities, warehousing, heavy duty... + read more
May 24
During the “great recession” I witnessed so many businesses either going out of business or downsizing locations to survive the 5 year slow down from 2007 to 2012. It was a depressing and difficult time. However, since 2012 we have seen and experienced a gradual and strengthened recovery. The following are the top 4 reasons why I think it makes sense to either lease or buy that new location!  Landlords are motivated to fill the spaces they have. That means low rental rates... + read more
Feb 03
So you have exhausted the search for an existing building and nothing quite seems to fit your needs. You have determined that the only option now is to buy land, hire an architect and find a builder to build it. What an exciting time! I see so many business owners go through this process and build a new building that precisely fits their business flow, but they don’t ever give any thought to what small adjustments that could be made upfront. If you speak with a local commercial real... + read more
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