Aug 02
Is it time to evaluate your current industrial space/office position?  We have options for you... 2017, so far so great for industrial property sector growth, from manufacturing to warehousing and distribution.  Northeastern Ohio is starting to feel the pinch with respect to industrial space absorption.  According to the latest (Q2 '17) Xcelligent Research report for Northeastern, OH we now have approximately a 4% +/- industrial vacancy.  New industrial construction... + read more
Nov 22
As the recovery started, industrial property was one of the first categories to benefit.  NE Ohio and Medina, in particular, have witnessed vacancy decline to a point where both rents and pricing have risen to rates not seen since 2007 and 2008.  Smaller buildings under 15,000 SF and rental spaces under 5,000 SF have become scarce.  As an investment category, industrial property is not very glamorous.  Nor is it a conservative investment.  It is less management... + read more
Oct 04
When it comes to picking an industrial building there are many factors to consider including: available/ability to expand, power requirements, clear ceilings, number of docks, number and size of drive in doors, column spacing, internet services (or proximity to fiber), ratio of warehouse to offices, turning radius for trucks, location/access to highway (or rail), sprinkler (wet or dry), concrete thickness, furnace age.   We have many great Industrial options available, for sale... + read more
May 10
It is important that before purchasing or building an industrial building that you consider how versatile the building is or may need to become.   This is important consideration in protecting future resale value. Typically when a building is built or purchased, a business owner is so focused on the design of the building for their own business and perhaps not with how it can be adapted to other business uses.  They do not realize that if they look for these qualities with an... + read more
May 10
Industrial Market Update   The Industrial Market space is a bright spot among all types of Commercial Real Estate. In general we are seeing a  tightening in the Industrial Market in Medina County. This trend is consistent with NE Ohio region; and we are seeing vacancy rates around 7%. With the absorption of vacant Industrial spaces we are finally seeing rates stabilize and move upward slightly. Where they climb definitely depends on location.   Gerspacher Real Estate Group... + read more
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