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Dec 06
Investing in commercial real estate is not for the faint of heart. The first step to buying commercial real estate is to understand yourself and what type of investor you are. Below are some questions to help you start……What kind of property interests you? Office, Retail, Industrial, or Residential?What's your situation regarding cash, financing, and/or ability to make a down payment, along with how much reserves do you have for troubled times?Would you be willing to partner... + read more
Oct 18
Savings versus investment is a major topic of conversation with both those working, retired or in between.  The traditional savings vehicles are generally returning under 1-2% and the more secure they are the lower the return.  In fact, after inflation and taxes you are losing money on those “secure” savings every day.   Taking calculated risk is necessary to gain a positive and meaningful return on your money.  In Ohio Zillow and show... + read more
Aug 30
A friend of mine showed me a statement of his savings account totaling $20,000. So far this year, it has paid him a total of $4.40 of interest. Yes, that is only four dollars and forty cents of interest generated from his saving's account! It is time to get your money working for you, and why not invest in real estate? Think about it. For the same money, you could earn as much as 9% to 25% or more depending on the property and the income it would generate. Why not use the $20,000 to put... + read more
May 24
From Rich Dad, Poor Dad to Donald Trump, everyone is touting that the path to true wealth is investing in real estate.  But, where do you begin?  Here are three things to consider when taking the plunge into investment properties: Location, Location, Location – You’ve heard it before, but it is true.  Your investment is more than just the physical property.  The property’s value and occupancy rates will be affected by... + read more
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