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Nov 16
When evaluating an investment property a quick helpful tool that can be used to assess how well a tenant’s business is performing, is the health ratio.  A health ratio shows the percent of rent that is being paid to the owner verses the tenant’s gross sales.  Simply take the annual rent paid and divide it by the annual gross sales. FKeith or example, if a tenant is paying $100,000 a year in rent and the tenant’s store sales are $1,000,000, the health ratio would be... + read more
Nov 12
What is Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)? When it comes to investment real estate cap rate is sometimes misunderstood. Cap rate is a percentage of return for a projected 1-year window of an investor’s return on its upfront cash investment after expenses. To calculate Cap Rate, it is simply net operating income (NOI) divided by purchase price. How are Cap Rates determined? Cap rates are influenced by the following factors. Location of the property. Can the... + read more
Mar 14
The investment real estate market continues to heat up! Businesses are continuing to grow and with that comes confidence in the market and long-term commitments.  Below are 3 fantastic cash flowing investment real estate opportunities. If you are  earning less than 1% in your savings account, why not consider purchasing one of these investments that may be able to pay you 7-9% on your money?Our agents have significant experience in helping clients understand these opportunities... + read more
Mar 07
If your plan is to sell your leased investment property in the next three years than make sure you position your property to sell for the highest price.   Most owners become the most motivated when there is higher vacancy and or leases are coming to an end.  They are usually tired of handling the grind of responsibilities that come with owning either apartments or commercial buildings with tenants.  If you work towards the following goals below, you will realize the highest... + read more
Jan 17
Some believe that investors make their money when they buy, not when they sell.  That is true for those who can buy during the downturn of the market.  But, when the market heads for more prosperous times, often those same investors forget the tough times and make foolish decisions.  Some of those bad decisions include getting caught up in a buying frenzy against multiple buyers on the same property, not being concerned about the cash flow of a property, underestimating the... + read more
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