Why Choose Us


Gerspacher Real Estate Group has been negotiating commercial real estate transactions for over 60 years. Our firm is dedicated to:

  • Marketing real estate for sale or lease so property owners obtain the best possible outcome.
  • Finding the right real estate and location that meets the business or investment goals of the business owner
  • Managing commercial & industrial real estate for real property owners.

In fact, we have been a part of thousands of transactions in the commercial real estate market since this third generation, family owned and operated firm began in 1959.

Excellent Reputation:

Gerspacher Real Estate Group has an excellent reputation in the market and in the communities we serve. We are active, involved and connected. We operate in Medina County, Cuyahoga and Summit counties. Our team lives in the communities we serve, giving us an additional motivation in making transactions happen. Our team members’ involvement with numerous organizations and local government helps us generate more leads, price more accurately, negotiate with greater leverage, and simply put, gives our clients an advantage.


Gerspacher Real Estate Group is a valued firm in the community with thousands of high profile contacts. Real Estate transactions can have many road blocks along the way and so it is very important to be able to know who to contact to work through the barriers that may prevent the transaction. We utilize the contacts we  have developed from almost 60 years in the business including: Attorneys, Commissioners, Mayors, Trustees, Planning Directors, Economic Directors, Engineering Departments, Builders, Contractors, Environmental Professionals, Lenders and various other professionals. The technology of our contact database, gives us the opportunity to connect the right people at the right time, at the click of a button.  


The volume of transactions we have successfully negotiated has provided us with industry expertise and excellent negotiation techniques that we use to help clients get the best deals possible. Obtaining the buyer or tenant is only the first step, retaining them and getting a deal done can be even more challenging for any agent. Gerspacher Real Estate Group clients can be sure that once a deal is in contract, our expertise will bring a high probability of successfully completing the transaction.  

 Here is what we do:

  • Help sellers get the most for their properties
  • Help sellers price their properties fairly based on current local market conditions with our research and expertise.
  • Help buyers find the property that fits their needs and advise them of their options
  • Help buyers avoid over paying by strategically negotiating purchase and lease terms

Industry Knowledge: 

Our leadership prides itself in the CCIM designation which our President, Troy Gerspacher, has obtained as well as other agents on this team. Earning this certification requires a significant amount of transactional experience along with earning extensive educational hours and taking broker license exams. All Gerspacher Real Estate Group agents have had continuing educational credits toward their CCIM license. We value this training and education and this expertise gives provides us an edge in this industry.     

Our Team:

Gerspacher Real Estate Group is small, focused and dedicated team of agents and staff who are committed to excellence for the customer experience. Our team has a strong work ethic and we believe in honesty in business and that this helps our clients get the best space possible for their individual needs. Each agent on this team brings a different perspective of experience which allows for a very rich source of ideas for our clients and leads. Our agents are also commercial property owners and investors as well.

Advanced Regional & National Marketing Capabilities:

  1. We help you reach more people with our ability to market property on local, regional, and national levels. Our listings are posted on many different commercial real estate websites that are visited by prospects and brokers from all over the world. Through the internet, your property is exposed to all regional and national commercial/industrial brokers. In addition, our marketing strategy exposes your property to prospects nationwide.
  2. The Gerspacher website is also one of the most useful tools for finding local commercial real estate in the Medina and Southern Cuyahoga and Western Akron, Ohio regions. Our website generates a lot of web traffic locally and has been a great source to market property in this area.
  3. Our custom created brochures for listed properties with us is professionally designed with edited images, custom maps and its own unique marketing appeal communicating the best highlights to help a property sell or get leased. This brochure is distributed to many outlets and is the main tool to showcase a property.
  4. Outdoor property signage not only generates a large amount of our leads, it has helped to brand the Gerspacher Real Estate Company in the areas we serve. These recognizable red, white, and blue signs generate up to 50% of our calls and demonstrate our reputation as a highly respected commercial/industrial brokerage with over 55 years of experience. Look for our trademark signs in your community. Let our branding go to work for you.
  5. We are known for an impressive commercial Inventory of listings. Gerspacher's large volume of listings and market share assure that we will generate calls from prospects looking for commercial real estate; therefore, your property – be it an apartment, land, office space, or a warehouse, retail location, storage facility, shopping center, hotel/motel, or mobile home – has an excellent opportunity to be considered for purchase or lease.
  6.  We utilize a successful email program to communicate our listings and inventory to thousands of contacts with each eblast. We have an existing database of 10,000 contacts which we can send targeted emails to based on their property type and need. Email addresses for all of these contacts allow us to produce email marketing distributions for a high volume of prospects in a matter of seconds.

Full Variety of Services 

The Gerspacher Real Estate Group team has been involved in thousands of transactions. Through the services we provide in commercial, industrial and investment real estate, we can:

  • Help sellers get the most money for their purchases
  • Help sellers price their properties correctly based on current local market conditions
  • Help buyers find the right contractors to inspect buildings, in order to avoid any unexpected issues with given properties
  • Help buyers avoid over paying for properties by strategically negotiating purchase and lease terms from the beginning.
  • Negotiate leases that benefit both the lessee and the lessor.
  • Manage multi-tenant investment properties to help you save time and money